We are better together! Many of our vitality pastors gather together regionally for mutual support, resourcing, encouragement, and prayer.

OlsenTallest.BlackFarRtVitality Cohorts are established when a group of churches begin their vitality journey at the same time and are geographically close enough to meet together for mutual support, training, and interaction. These vitality cohorts are convened by our vitality coaches for lead pastors, where questions can be asked, issues can be discussed, and insights can be shared. These periodic gatherings allow us to live out two important values in the Covenant: We are in it together, and we are better together.

Current Cohorts
  • Chesapeake Cohort
  • Boston Cohort 1 and 2
  • Connecticut River Cohort
  • Quadriad Cohort

For more information to get involved in the Vitality journey and to join a potential vitality cohort, please contact Kreig Gammelgard, Director of Congregational Vitality.