“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”- Bill Hybels. While leadership within the church may not be the only thing, it certainly is one of the most important things. Because we believe it takes a healthy and missional leader to lead a healthy and missional church, we want to encourage the on-going development of leaders within our conference.

Co-Op Coaching (Coaching of Pastors)

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT_Coaching.BillCroasmun@NPTSCo-Op Coaching is designed to help vitality pastors lead healthy and missional change in their churches, while giving special emphasis to strategic ministry planning.

Co-Op Coaching is encouraged for pastors during the final steps of their vitality journey, as the church needs clear direction, guidance, and momentum. Because the final phase of the vitality journey can often lose momentum here, due to fatigue and/or fear, it is helpful to have a seasoned veteran to encourage continual progress.

Many of our vitality pastors have benefitted from receiving this coaching, the only part of the vitality pathway that requires a fee.

For more information on Co-Op Coaching, click here.

Vitality Coaches

2015-07-13 13.32.57The East Coast Conference is blessed with a talented, experienced, trained, and dedicated group of Vitality Coaches to walk alongside pastors and congregational leaders to assure forward momentum while walking the vitality pathway. Several of our coaches have participated in the classes offered at North Park Theological Seminary toward receiving a Master’s Certificate in Congregational Vitality. Others have led their congregations through the vitality pathway themselves.

Coaches are currently available at no charge to a church for the following:

  • Vitality Team Leaders
    These coaches meet with the Vitality Team in the early weeks of walking the vitality pathway to assure a good launch of the team into its tasks, as well as a monthly phone call to encourage a healthy pace and progress.
  • Vitality Pastors
    These coaches are available to pastors on a monthly basis to answer questions, troubleshoot obstacles, pray for progress, and encourage momentum. Leading can often be lonely, and it is advantageous to have a coach to walk with you through new territory as a pastoral leader.

Leadership Retreats

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT_Leadership Retreats.Navigate 2014 ECConf GroupMost of the vitality concepts and principles are not unique to or beneficial for vitality churches alone. Healthy churches become healthier and more missionally minded as they do good ministry, for a long period of time, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Conference staff is available to your church to serve your leaders, utilizing biblical and practical principles that are most beneficial.

For more information and further discussion, contact the East Coast Conference office.